Welcome Kit ($100 value)

Probably the most sought after perk of being a Target mom-to-be is the baby registry gift bag. The little bundle of joy comes packed to the brim with goodies for mom and baby. But it does require you to do slightly more than just sign up for your Target baby registry online. Here’s how you can get your hands on a gift box of your own:

  1. Create a baby registry online or in-store
  2. Visit guest services at your nearest Targét
  3. Tell them you’re expecting and you’d like to claim your gift bag

Now that you know how to get your hands on one, the real question is “what’s inside?” Luckily, a friendly momma shared every must-have from her own gift bag on fb.

Just to recap, inside Target’s gift bag for new mommas you’ll find:

  1. Avent newborn bottle
  2. Dr. Brown newborn bottle
  3. Nuk pacifier
  4. Aveeno baby lotion sample
  5. Dove baby lotion sample
  6. Up & Up newborn diapers
  7. Honest newborn diapers
  8. Pampers newborn diapers
  9. 50% off Starbucks coupon

There’s a good chance the new mom gift changes on a weekly or even monthly basis, but regardless, the free gift proves once and for all that Target = bae.

Free Gift

In addition to a bag full of fun surprises before D day, Target also sends out a free onesie after the fact, so that your little one can love the smell of Pumpkin Spice Latte in the morning just as much as you do.

15% Off Anything On Your Target Baby Registry

Hooking new moms up with free tubes of butt paste isn’t the only trick up Target’s onesie. In addition to the aforementioned bribes, they also send you a coupon for 15% off any one purchase. So you can pickup anything your closest family and friends might have forgotten from your registry (Seriously, no wipes?!). You’ll actually receive two coupons, one for in-store and one for online. According to the retailer, the coupons do expire six months after the baby’s date of birth. So plan your Target hauls accordingly.

Return Policy

If this isn’t your first go at motherhood, then you’ve probably experienced the post-baby-shower blues. That special, quiet moment when you look over all your gifts and realize, “Yikes, my friends and family don’t actually know me that well!” Or maybe they know you too well but just got sucked in by an adorable little pair of gold sequence baby slippers. How many times do you have to tell grandma, “BABIES DON’T WEAR SHOES!”

It’s important to remember at times like these that Target’s got your bump. Their baby registry return policy is top notch. They give you 12 months from the date of your “event” to return unused items. You could basically teach your little one how to say “Target” before it’s too late to return unopened gifts. Also, once you’ve signed up for a registry, you can easily print out a gifts purchased list that includes the barcode receipts for every item purchased for you. Finally, if you’re not feeling an exchange for Grandma’s good intentions but incredibly impractical newborn slippers, Target will refund your gifts to a merchandise return card which you can use on anything in the store.

Baby Shower Inserts

baby target registry

If the shock of your pregnancy is still settling in, then it might be a good time to check out Target’s free baby shower inserts—just in case attendees at your baby shower are over the age of 65 and haven’t quite mastered how to use Google. The inserts are just one more way Target is helping you prepare for the big day and not-so-subtlety hoping you rely on them for the rest of your life.


Target App

The final perk might not be as obvious as the others, but when you’re eight-and-a-half months pregnant and about to pee your pants on Chip & Jo’s rustic chic ottoman pouf it’s a real lifesaver. The Target App, amongst other things organizes your entire baby registry in one place. Not only can you easily add items in-store with a scan from your smartphone, but you can also add items from other websites.

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