Buy Buy Baby takes good care of moms-to-be with a free gift bag, a serious completion discount, the best baby registry checklist on the internet and more. If you want to know what to expect from the retailer, read on for our full Buy Buy Baby registry review.

Free Gift Box

Modern baby registries would be incomplete without some type of free gift box or bag. Buy Buy keeps pace with Target’s baby registry and Amazon’s baby registry by sending you and your little nugget a bag full of free goodies. Below is a video of one momma showing off everything she received and giving us TMI about her “baby on board” sticker.

If you find her voice makes you feel the symptoms of morning sickness, here’s a list of everything that she received in her free Buy Buy Baby registry box. In order to get your own grab bag of baby goods, all you have to do is create a free Buy Buy Baby Registry…Oh, and you also have to be pregnant.

What’s Inside the Free Buy Buy Baby Gift Bag?

  • Pampers Sample (newborn diaper and wipe)
  • Chico Natural Fit Pacifier
  • Aveeno Daily Baby Lotion (travel size)
  • Baby On Board Car Cling
  • Boogie Wipes (sample)
  • Gripe Water (sample)
  • $20 Shutterfly Coupon
  • Water Wipes (sample)
  • Lansinoh Breast Pads & Storage Bags
  • Billie Lizard (baby sunscreen)
  • Babyganics Coupons

Completion Discount

Similar Amazon and Target’s completion discounts, Buy Buy Baby offers you a coupon for 15% off anything in-store or online you may not have received from your registry. That means you could splurge for a top-of-the-line car seat, like the UPPAbaby Mesa, or maybe a robot jogging stroller that takes the baby on walks while you take a nap. Either way, the completion discount is a huge perk of filling out multiple baby registries.

365-day Return Policy

Buy Buy Baby has a generous return policy for anything purchased from your baby registry. They give you up to 12 months to return items, assuming that they are still in their original packaging. If you’ve taken them out of the packaging then you must provide a gift receipt or other proof of purchase in order to return the item. All returns will give you store credit at Buy Buy Baby.

Registry Consultants

Other baby registries provide detailed checklists and info on what to add to your registry, but only Buy Buy Baby lets you book an appointment with a baby registry consultant. The in-store meeting gives you one on one time with an expert to help plan out the perfect baby registry and get answers to all your questions. Particularly helpful for new mothers who don’t want to just add everything to their list.

Registry Checklist

Speaking of lists…creating a baby registry for your first little boy or girl is an exciting milestone. But if you’re more than a first time mommy, it may seem like one to-do too many. That’s where Buy Buy Baby’s Registry Checklist comes in handy.

buy buy baby list example

The professionals at Buy Buy Baby have done the heavy lifting and put together a list of everything you’ll need to feel prepared—like that’s even possible—for tiny, bowling ball-sized human to shoot through your vagina. From decor to diapers, bottles to binkies—this list is a one-stop shop for mothers-to-be.

In addition to remembering everything a pregnant brain might forget, Buy Buy Baby’s interactive registry will also keep track of the categories of items you’ve already registered for. So you won’t forget anything for baby’s big day.


How to find or lookup a Buy Buy Baby registry?

It’s easy to find your friend or family’s baby registry at Buy Buy Baby. Visit the Registry Lookup page, and search either by name or registry number. Once you’ve found the registry, double check the baby name and date of birth to make sure it’s the right one. Buy Buy Baby also lets you filter the registry by purchased items, remaining items, and favorites.

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