In the age of one-click shopping, and two-day shipping, convenience is king…and queen. For busy moms-to-be, who just don’t feel like being seen in public, creating an Amazon Baby Registry is a lifesaver.

But it’s not just the fact that you can complete your entire baby registry from the comfort of your favorite chair and trusty smartphone. Just like the added perks of a Target Baby Registry, Amazon has added some amazing freebies and special perks to help new moms prepare the big day.

Free Amazon Baby Registry Gift Box

The first of these perks is the popular free gift box. It comes packed with discount coupons, trial products and a few full size baby products like the Muslin swaddle blanket. According to Amazon, every single box is a little bit different, but they share more in common than you might think.

Many mommy vloggers have done Youtube unboxing videos to show exactly what was inside their free baby registry gift box.

What is inside the Amazon Baby Registry Box?

From this most recent video, here’s a list of everything that was inside PlayRightParent’s baby box.

  • 10% off coupon (sound machine)
  • Travel bag (Pampers)
  • Single diaper (Pampers)
  • Diaper (Babyganics)
  • Breast pads (Avent)
  • Laundry detergent (Dreft)
  • Wipes (Pampers)
  • Daily moisturizer (Aveeno)
  • Daily moisturizer (Dove)
  • Single wipe (Bloom)
  • Seventh Generation
    • Lotion
    • Wipes
    • Laundry detergent
    • Diapers
  • 3 to 6 month onesie (Burt’s Bees)
  • Muslin Swaddle

Watching people unbox their free gift is great, but what you’re probably wondering is how to claim your own free baby registry box.

How to get Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

  1. Create an Amazon Baby Registry
  2. Be an Amazon Prime Member (free 30-day trial)
  3. Have at least $10 in products purchased from your baby registry
  4. Check every item on your baby registry checklist (even if you do not add it to your registry)
  5. Open your registry and click on “Welcome Box” from the top bar menu
  6. Click “Check Status” from the dropdown menu
  7. Click “Claim Now”

Baby showers are amazing! You always get exactly what you don’t want…or need. But Amazon has your back even if your best friends and family didn’t. The next perk on list is Amazon’s amazing completion discount.

15% Completion discount

You already turn to Amazon for the best price on almost every product imaginable. It’s why there are over 100 million Amazon Prime Members today. But Amazon takes it a step further, giving Prime members who create and complete a baby registry 15% off of anything on their registry.

If you’re not an Amazon Prime Member, sign up here, or expect to receive a 10% completion discount. Lots of mommies we talked to added some high-ticket items (Nuna Strollers anyone?) to their baby registry just to cash in on the discount after the fact.

Universal Registry

The Amazon Baby Registry is a universal registry, which means that you can add almost any product from any website to your registry, using Amazon Assistant. This is helpful for keeping all of your needs, wants, and must-have’s in one place without getting pregnancy brain.

90-day Returns

A baby shower is a no-win situation. You’re surrounded by close family, friends, and then other people that you somehow felt obligated to invite. And maybe this wouldn’t be a big deal, except that you’re sweating and cramping the entire time wishing your clothes still fit.

The only upside is that after everyone drops off their gifts, judges your spread of finger foods and measures your baby bump with toilet paper—you get to go home and take a nap.

Luckily Amazon doesn’t leave you hanging when it comes to your baby registry. If you don’t get exactly what you want…or need, you’ll have 90 days to make returns.

Check Out

Amazon’s Baby Registry hasn’t been around as long as Target’s but it’s already become one of the best out there. If you crave convenience and you’re already a Prime Member, the Amazon Baby Registry is a great option. Sign up and see for yourself.

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